• Mark Rice

    Mark Rice

  • Katja Wittfoth

    Katja Wittfoth

    Data Scientist, working at startups in Silicon Valley. All things data, startups, growth, and building data-powered products.

  • Planetario Medellín

    Planetario Medellín

    Planetario de Medellín ¡Para vagabundos del Universo! Astronomía, astrofísica, ciencia aeroespacial, astronáutica...

  • Jacques Sham

    Jacques Sham

    A data engineer in a BI company with Czech heritage, a whisky-lover, an aviation enthusiast, and a gamer. Concern how to use data science to answer questions.

  • Carlos R. Peña

    Carlos R. Peña

    Professional, analytical, goal-oriented with 15+ years of experience in the financial services industry.

  • Koraly Chinome

    Koraly Chinome

  • Javier Orduz

    Javier Orduz

  • Santiago Torres

    Santiago Torres

    // Code Crafter, Non-conventional Alchemist, Maker, Software Engineer & Tech-savvy // #code4life

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